Entry #21

How Ice Boy taught me that Work Ethic > Skill

2015-06-20 12:58:01 by OmarShehata

This is the story of my second Newgrounds game jam, back in 2010.

I wrote it on Medium just because I think everything looks pretty there, but I'd love to hear your feedback or any comments!



I thought it would be fitting to share it here, looking back over all those years, and deeply grateful for my experience with ShadowGamer2, KoolGuyKai and VhsTapeclock


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2015-06-21 22:07:37

Damn. Crazy to see it all typed out like that. It's weird to think that game jam was so long ago too. Feels like it was just a little while ago. Glad to see you got as much from the experience as I did :)

OmarShehata responds:

I was hoping you'd get a chance to read it! It is quite strange to look back at it and realize it was so long ago!


2015-06-22 10:18:00

Love this! Really gotta put a new Game Jam on the calendar!!!

OmarShehata responds:

Thanks Tom! It's a story that I've told verbally countless times and decided to finally write it down. And definitely, Newgrounds Game Jams always have a very different community-feel.