YOU ARE BLIND (Writing Contest!)

2013-06-02 07:50:23 by OmarShehata

New writing contest is a go!

The theme: You Are Blind

Many of our mundane and daily tasks are often scary or frightening challenges for the blind, and there are many aspects which none of us ever really stop to think about. For example, have you ever thought about , when a blind person pours a cup of tea, how they know when the cup is full?(excerpt from contest thread)

If you have a passion for writing then come on down and give it a shot! We also have some interesting prizes.

Even if you're not a writer, I'm predicting there will be lots of interesting (maybe even mindblowing as in previous contests!) stories, so keep an eye out on the submission thread and maybe even join the discussion!

Also, please follow the Lit101 account to get notified of future writing contests, as well as new tutorials and tips by the veteran writers of Newgrounds!


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2013-06-02 09:06:53

Looks nice. I've improved my writing skills a lot since my first story (thanks to some awesome people, including those who provided criticims here in NG), but I doubt that I will be able to write something, as I'm currently busy in a sorta-post apocalyptic-alien invasion-militar forum RPG which is very story focused. Still, congrats on starting so many writing competitions. If it wasn't for you, the writing forum would have another foott in the grave.


2013-06-02 09:07:06



2013-06-03 00:51:23

Hope they fix the news posts situation soon. Having this show up in the Community section doesn't really help the cause! But...

Good luck to everyone! :D


2013-06-03 02:44:12

Probably won't enter the contest but it sounds interesting. Here's a short non-entry:

"The Blind Guy"

Once thzre wzx a blynd gui whu had bever ysed a jeyboard in his life and then he learned where all the keys were.

The End


2013-06-03 14:40:20

I wrote up a short one for fun.


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